From Barbra Streisand live two clone her dead dog

From Barbra Streisand live two clone her dead dog Photo: Instagram Barbra Streisand

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Ksenia Yakushina

Famous American singer and actress Barbra Streisand, a favorite dog which, Coton de tulear, Samantha, died in may of 2017, gave an interview to Variety in which he told that she is now living two clone pet. Even before the death of Samantha, which, incidentally, lived for 14 years, from her stomach and mouth took samples of cells, which are then raised two puppies. While the puppies were young, the celebrity decided to have the third dog she loved a distant relative of her Samantha. The breeder brought the dog and said her mother’s name is Fanny Gel. The actress, as she herself said, was absolutely amazed and took the puppy yourself. She named the cat Miss Fanny, in honour of the heroine of his first film “Funny girl” Fanny Brice. For this film, Barbra Streisand received the “Oscar”.

When two new dogs arrived, they were the same so had to dress them in different colors – red and purple. Due to this they got their names – Miss Scarlet and Miss violet. The singer said that they are completely different, and will have to wait until they grow up to see, whether they have brown eyes Samantha and her seriousness. Barbra Streisand asked the photographers edition of Variety to capture it, including all three dogs.

The cost of cloning an animal can be 50-100 thousand dollars. The world’s first successfully cloned animal was Dolly the sheep, and the first dog, the Afghan hound Snappy, which came to light in 2005.

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