Disposable toilet seat covers: why are they useless?

Disposable toilet seat covers: why are they useless?


Ksenia Skrypnik


We care about cleanliness and hygiene? Use antibacterial soap, sanitizer, and do not go into a public bathroom without disposable covers for toilet? Many of these precautions in fact have no meaning.

People use paper toilet seat for hygienic purposes, but in reality, most researchers agree that the use of disposable coverings helps to dry the wet plastic seat and only provides psychological comfort. To prevent from the infection than those did not help.

However, the risk of Contracting anything in a public toilet is quite low. It may seem that the toilet seat is infested with bacteria and viruses. In fact, most viruses, which still fall into the environment very quickly die outside the body, and bacteria present on the surface of the seat, mostly safe for humans.

Skin, explain the researchers, is an effective barrier to prevent ingress of infection in the body, and the public toilets should be careful just in case, if the skin contains open wounds. It should be noted that the number of germs colonizing the toilet, to put it mildly, greatly exaggerated. For example, in Ganesh in the fitness club of the microorganisms was 360 times greater than on the surface of the plastic toilet seat. In General, even on the surface of the smartphone these microorganisms in 10 times more than on the toilet.

That really helps to reduce the risk of infections, mainly intestinal is hand washing after using the toilet. The results of studies conducted by the Centers for prevention and disease control (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), indicate that such a simple procedure like washing hands with conventional soap reduces the risk of death from acute intestinal infections 2 times.


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